E-Policy Programs: Essential for IP Protection

(ABA’s “Landslide” magazine of the IP Section; March/April 2009) - Discussion of IP risks flowing from the Web-2.0 environment, and the best way to develop and implement corporate policies to manage the risks effectively. Available here. (“Landslide” resides here).


“Employee Use of the Internet and E-Mail: A Model Corporate Policy”

(ABA Press, 2002; by David Doubilet and Vince Polley; 128 pages)—“An easy-to-use guidebook with commentary on the importance of a corporate electronic communications policy. Select countries’ guidelines and polices for monitoring employees’ Internet and E-mail activities are also included. Specific issues such as use and misuse of communication tools, limits of privacy, e-mail etiquette and “best practices” including writing, sending and forwarding messages, and sending unsolicited messages are addressed. A companion CD-ROM containing an electronic version of the model corporate policy is also included.” Available through the ABA; for more information contact us: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

“A Coherent Strategy for Data Security through Data Governance”

(IEEE’s Security & Privacy May/June 2007, by Brad Morley, Vince Polley, Michael Power, Roland Trope)—“The role of boards of directors now extends to ensuring that a company‘s data is actively managed in an increasingly technology-intense environment. The authors show how this requires greater attention to legislative requirements, greater due diligence in transactions and business alliances, and coherent information management strategies.” Available through IEEE here; for additional information send us email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

“Data Security Breaches—Legal Landscape”

“Entities that store individuals‘ personal information are increasingly responsible for protecting that information and alerting individuals when a data security breach occurs. In an age when sensitive personal information is mainly stored in electronic format and at a location beyond the individual‘s control, adequate data security is more important than ever. The following analysis discusses the state and federal laws and regulations that govern data security obligations, and current and emerging case law.” Detailed analysis of legal issues associated with data breaches and breach-notification laws; by Sayf Fathy and Vince Polley; November 2007. Delivered on 8 November 2007 at Washington D.C. presentation to the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA). PDF Document (27 pages) available here; Word version available on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).