pilot/demo projects

Selection of Pilot and Demonstration Projects
An important part of developing a KM implementation plan is the selection of “pilot” projects, and “demonstration” projects—they are quite different.

Pilot Projects—the measured introduction of KM initiatives will present opportunities to make important, short-term, visible improvements in business operations. But, there also will be set-backs (from which, of course, we’ll extract important learning). Pilot Projects are carefully chosen to yield the maximum operational benefit and/or project-learning. They should occur in silos where your most-enthusiastic KM champions work, and across an appropriate cross-section of the organization—again, this will maximize the effect of successes, and/or the utility of the lessons-learned.

Demonstration Projects—successful KM programs sit on a three-legged stool: technology, process, and culture. Making changes (even small changes) to your organization’s culture and employees’ work-flow is hard, and will only succeed if employees develop confidence in the program (and in your KM program managers). Demonstration Projects are carefully chosen to yield almost-certain successes; these successes then are proclaimed throughout the organization (as part of the integrated communications plan) to elevate the program’s reputation, and employees’ confidence in it.