Technology and business are changing rapidly, and the law is struggling to keep pace. This increases ambiguity, and makes risk management harder. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of Information Technology.

If these are your challenges, KnowConnect PLLC can help. We have the legal, business, and technological expertise—all in one place—to address your IT issues, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  We’ve been in your shoes, can speak your language, and have been leading the development of the law for more than a decade. We’ve helped the largest multinationals and the newest start-ups. With KnowConnect, you have immediate access to techniques employed at best-in-class companies. We can help give you assurance that your risk-management decisions are informed, and reliable.

KnowConnect consulting services for e-policy and knowledge management:

Policy development and implementation (including training) for employee communications policies, and information security/privacy processes. Employee usage policies and training; securing information assets (company, employees, customers), preventing security breaches, and responding to security problems; assessing privacy needs, and constructing cost-effective privacy-protection plans. 

Knowledge Management assessments, program planning, and implementation. Facilitates training, efficiency, consistency, community/morale, compliance/governance, risk analysis and management. Preserves institutional expertise, and makes it usefully available; reinforces “team” cohesion and improves team operations; enables efficient location of relevant information, and de-clutters the information workspace.